I was born in Salerno (Italy) in 1967, I live and work in Italy, I deal with design since 1991. Since 2009 I am a self-made of design products. For my projects and products I prefer to use natural materials and handcrafted manufacturing techniques. I entrust my products to Italian craftsmen working for several generations with skill and passion. You’ll find more information on my work on my website. I wrote about self-made design on two Italian newspapers. I directed an online newspaper dedicated to the self-made design. For several years, I am committed to disseminating Italian ingenuity. Especially designers and craftsmen who perpetuate the tradition of Italian style around the world appreciates us. I use the tecnology also, infact I discovered Microstation software by Bentley Systems since 1991 and is still working tool I use to develop and I’m a Bentley System certificator in training for tridimensional mathematical modeling. (Certificate n. 5123648 of 22/04/1997 issued by Bentley Systems)

The attention to craft activities well as more advanced technologies allows the designer to produce prototypes with traditional materials and also tecnologies. I have perfected my design skills through handicraft. The handicraft can understand the strength of the material. The contamination between tradition and innovation is my strength.

The role of the designer is to raise awareness among companies and designig interventions geared to the specific needs of each reality, seeking, where possible, to determine and together to reach specific goals providing targeted services. Therefore, thinking in terms of identification of critical areas of improvement and planning initiatives dedicated, appears to be a mode of reliable intervention and that every time proves successful.